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Begin your expedition into the extraordinary with Epicmototours  

Aside from hosting you as a tourist, our biker community is dedicated to assisting you in leading extraordinary lives, creating unforgettable memories, and living life to the fullest. Because only extreme bile travel fantasies inspire epic stories. Stories that are worth listening to & sharing.

Drop your gears and bike your way with Epicmototours 


Accept challenges, and embrace discomfort in the natural wilderness to build resilience and confidence. Tours offer a window into other cultures, an insider's perspective on the location, the opportunity to meet new people, and the freedom to see the world through one's own eyes.  Discover the ideal expedition with us to bring out the badass traveller in you. Get ready to accept challenges and embrace discomfort in the natural wilderness to build resilience and confidence


Bike rentals

Explore the beauty of Manali and beyond on two wheels. 

If you’re looking for a unique way to explore Manali and its stunning natural beauty, bike rentals are a perfect choice. Riding through the lush greenery, winding roads and picturesque riverside views is an incredible experience.  


One of the best places to rent a bike in Manali is Epicmototours. Here you can choose from a variety of mountain bikes that are perfect for tackling steep trails or cruising around town. All of their bikes come with comfortable saddles and adjustable handlebars, so you can customize your ride to suit your needs. 

About us

Our passion for Motorcycles and adventure created this business for making memories for every client and to give them an experience of a lifetime. Their needs and considerations are being placed at the forefront of our business before anything else. The founder of this company Karan Thakur has brought together a team of motorbike enthusiasts and mechanics having years of expertise and knowledge. Having joint experience of more than 100 years 
we are one of the most experienced companies providing motorbike tours in the Himalayas.

We offer guided and custom Motorcycle tours on the legendary Royal Enfields. This machine is made for perfect adventure travel. 

There's always a new route being explored in the Himalayas by these bikes.All our Tour Guides come with years of riding experience in local conditions, some have extensive knowledge and experitise in particular areas. Our Ecosystem provides flexibility to every rider to choose the destinations according to their riding preferences, be it Adventure motorcycle Tours, or cultural or Leisure motorcycle tours. We preferable use country roads to explore the region by riding through the Himalayan Mountains.For an Adventure of a lifetime, you can't get much better than a motorcycle ride with Epic moto tours.

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